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Thread: configurable usb loader and ios reload :blocked

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    configurable usb loader and ios reload :blocked


    i followed the softmod guide and sucessfully was able able to play games from my USB HDD with GX USB Loader.

    However when Itried to play the same game with the configurable USB loader, it hung and display a black screen with the message below:

    " booting wii game... please wait

    ios reload : blocked

    How can I fix this?


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    may be not the correct version/base of CFG is loaded.

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    How can I make sure it's the correct version/base of CFG?: this was part of the wiimod package from the softmode guide and the cfg version is v7034.
    It says, base ios is 56 and ios 249 when i lookup the CFG loader settings.
    When I go to the wii mod to change IOS, i change to load IOS 249 or IOS 56 (either way I don't see any possibilities to select both IOS56 and IOS249 as the CFG loader implies in the info).
    As soon as I exited the wii mod from homebrew, I went back to wii mod and checked for IOS: it says the current IOS is IOS 236.

    So my questions are:
    1. When I go to wii mod and change the IOS, how can I save it so that it stays current once exiting wii mod?
    2. the fact the IOS did not change after exiting wii mod, was this the reason why I got the freeze when the game tries to load?
    3. what's the impact of changing from IOS 236 to IOS 56 or 249? will it impact the USB GX loaderor other channels?

    thank you

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    you can change ios in CFG config file.
    you can change base of cIOS with cIOS_installer.
    you can select the cIOS to run the game in CFG Option.
    when the Wii_Mod says the current IOS is 236, that's what it's running. make use of it to help you installing wads.
    1. select 236 to install the wad or wads in wad_folder.
    2. each and all wads installed would not change after exiting Wii_MOD.
    games will not freeze once you selected the right cIOS to load it.
    3. 236 is not used for game loading, anyway.


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