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Thread: Softmodded Wii appears to be deteriorating

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    Softmodded Wii appears to be deteriorating

    About a year ago my roommate helped a friends of ours soft mod his Wii, and it was all well and good. After not using it for the last month or so, me and my friend decided to start it back up with a new USB drive (previous one belonged to my roommate) to play some games. The first time we started it everything appeared to be working fine, but over the next few uses (all within an hour or so of each other) things kept running worse, until it's now at the point where trying to open any of the channels just locks up at a black screen and I have to do a hard reset to fix it.

    The only thing we changed was the USB drive, which just has a single game on it. All of the channel apps are were installed to the SD card, and we haven't done anything with that, so I'm not sure why they would suddenly be having all this trouble.

    While I'm not incompetent when it comes to these things, I haven't really paid attention to the Wii modding scene since we modded it, so I'm not sure what kind of info you guys need to know.

    I believe the wii setting menu said it was version 4.3u, and the homebrew channel initially said "ios58 v24.32" up at the top, but like I said, it all just crashes now when I try to start it. Any other information you need just ask and I'll do what I can.

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    I'd softmod according to mauifrog's guide. I'm pretty sure you should have menu v 4.1. try booting from priiloader to get into the homebrew channel (hold power and reset at startup). reinstall ios from there.

    If I had a wild guess, it would be that a game updated your system, causing conflicts.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. So should it be safe to just run through the softmodding procedure from it's current state, or should I try to return it to factory settings or something?

    Also, like I said, none of the channels seem to be able to start, so will it be possible to actually try to remod it?

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    I wouldn't restore factory settings, as that's bad and can brick your semi-brick. if you installed from this site any time in the last few years then you should have priiloader installed and I would use that to run programs. like I said, hold power and reset at system start up.

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