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Thread: Letterbomb on Wii U?

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    Letterbomb on Wii U?

    now i know they have they put the Zelda hack on the Wii U, But have anyone tryed the LetterBomb one? I got my MAC address and put it in on the letterbomb website and it did give me a package but i have NOT tryed loading it. Was seeing if anyone heard or seen, try anything really

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    the Wii U can be accessed by the oldest method of wii hacking?!?

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    well on the LetterBomb website i put in my mac address of my Wii U and it gave me a package but im afraid to install it i dont want to brick my Wii U lol

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    Don't do it.

    Leave the wii u hacking to the hackers.

    If you must hack use the tested SSBB method.

    <I take no responsibility for any paperweights that you may and up with>
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    lol trust me im not like i said i just put the address to see what it would come up with and see if it would say invalided or not something you know

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    WiiMode - WiiUBrew

    Letterbomb and Twilight hack don't work on the vWii mode, those are some exploits that still do work (Because its kinda harder to patch them).

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    Got my WII U today...I think i might have a drink on the weekend and give the whole letterbomb thing

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    Unless your a hacker that KNOWS WHAT YOUR DOING I WOULD NOT I REPEAT NOT do IT!!!!!! I take am NOT responsible if you brick your system!!!!!! But if you are a PRO HACKER try away but I must say I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BRICK YOUR SYSTEM!!!! Nor do I know if it would even work

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    wii u letterbomb

    I can confirm that letterbomb does not work on vwii on the wii u.I just tried it and all you get when you click the explosive red letter are a page full of question marks.

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    BIG UP to for for trying.....After a box of red wine i decided to try...And saddly have the same


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