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Thread: My softmodded wii doesnt correctly load after moving to another tv

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    My softmodded wii doesnt correctly load after moving to another tv

    I just softmodded my wii yesterday. it was 4.3 (it says 4.1 now), using letterbomb. i used neo gamma successfully to load some games on my room tv. but then when i moved it to the living room tv, no games would load right. they would show the wii remote screen in black and white, and then video would be lost. so i moved it back to my other tv. it works fine. let me be clear, I CHANGED NOTHING ELSE BUT THE TV. please halp :/

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    You are going from a old tv to a newer tv and maybe your inputs are plugged wrong? (red to red, white to white, yellow to yellow.)

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    Sounds like one tv supports pal and the other does not, sounds like your loading a pal game. Force NTSC in the loader.
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    Mauifrog, that totally sounds like an awesome idea. i was trying to load pal games. hopefully it works!

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    it totally works fine now! is there anyway i can choose to set force ntsc as default, instead of having to change it back everytime i waqnna play?

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    It registers the setting, so you don't need to change it every time.

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