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Thread: USB Loader Gx not recognizing usb

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    USB Loader Gx not recognizing usb

    I have installed USB loader gx and it is not recognizing my usb drive
    Im using a hp v210w 16gb usb.
    I have tried using WBFS manager 3.0, when i plug it in the wii and start usb loader it says error usb not detected and shows only the channels.
    I also tried using the Wii backupmanager but when i start usb loader gx nothing happens it just shows the channels and for a few times it asked for partitioning the usb, i tried doing that but it said error.
    When i try instaling a game it says error creating path: usb1/wbfs/"the name of the game"

    Here's my system specs


    Sorry if there is a solution for this on the forum but I could not find it.

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    You really need to update that mod first. You are severely outdated. Follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide, link below in my sig.

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    Thanks, ill try that and get back

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    i updated the mod and still no luck

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    Try a different USB device the one u are using May just not be compatible

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    Yea i just did that and it works, Thanks


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