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Thread: The homebrew channel on Wii U

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    The homebrew channel on Wii U

    mod-chip developer Marcan42 of fail0verflow has shared a Wii U teaser video via 0xf0f on YouTube demonstrating The Homebrew Channel below.

    To quote: "We finally have a YouTube channel and we thought we’d kick things off with a little teaser:

    Keep in mind that this is purely a demonstration at this stage. Depending on how things progress and what direction development takes, we may or may not release something like this in this form. Please don't ask for release dates. We'd rather spend time investigating the new system than putting together a release that may or may not end up being the Right Way to do things in the future.

    Please ignore the blue blinks. The monitor kind of sucks at syncing to component video sometimes. I would’ve used HDMI, but the Wii U cannot output analog audio simultaneously with HDMI (at least not for the Wii U menu part), and I cannot capture HDMI audio."

    On the Wii U specs, Marcan Tweeted the following: We're calling the Wii U security processor the Starbuck (vs. Starlet on Wii). And it seems to be about equally vulnerable, too.

    Sorry, I'd rather not talk about how I got that yet. It doesn’t involve leaks, it involves Wii U hacks

    He also stated the Wii U offers a 1.24 GHz CPU with 3 PowerPC 750 type cores with the GPU clocked at GPU core at 549MHz. The Wii U does have a higher IPC meaning the processor can do more work per clock cycle so it can't be directly compared to PS3 and XBox 360.

    Finally, from the video's caption: "A quick demonstration of The Homebrew Channel installing and working on a Wii U.

    There is no set release date, please don't ask. This is just a demonstration. Please ignore the blue blinks. The monitor kind of sucks at syncing to component video sometimes, and I cannot capture audio from HDMI."

    Hopefully this delay won't turn into another money-making venture led by Max Louarn and Paul Owen profiting off the scene as was done with the PlayStation 3 and PS3 DRM-infected dongles.

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    That's actually pretty cool, I thought the virtual Wii menu was read-only ?

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    wow congrats all

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    Damn.....i want to try that! They need to run a syscheck so we can see what comes up.

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    ^Wow the homebrew launcher is amazing, though I think there was no need to load that specific app. :/

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    Now that's what I'm talking about!

    This is exactly what I had hoped for; a vWii that remains as fully hackable as the stand-alone consoles. Despite the industry's battle with homebrewers, I don't believe that this capability/oversight was done without intentionality. Allowing the users who currently use homebrew to continue to do so will facilitate a quicker migration to the new console, IMO. The only thing that remains to be seen is what is going to happen down the road. Can the WiiU fully access the vWii system files? If so, would it be possible for an update to the WiiU to brick the console based upon vWii hacking? Would it be possible for the WiiU system to detect that take action of it's own accord (even if that functionality came as an update down the road)? And, most importantly, if the WiiU can access the vWii system files, can the same be said about the reverse?


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