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Thread: Uninstall WAD Channel

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    Ca Uninstall WAD Channel

    Is it safe to just use WII system tools to uninstall a channel put on with Homebrew WAD installer. Should I be using something special to uninstall the channel through HomeBrew.

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    Just use the WAD installer. Run it and select the WAD (from your WAD folder) that you want to uninstall. Click the minus (-) button on your wii remote and follow the instructions. Make sure you have the same WAD that you installed in the WAD folder.

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    ^ thats like 0.1% better than going into the settings and removing it

    just be careful when removing IOS's though their the only bad thing to remove that you can install with that program

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    if it is only .1% better then it is easier to just go into settings and remove channel or am I missing something.

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    If you delete it with the Wii settings, there will still be a "title" on your Wii. If you uninstall with the WAD Manager, it will uninstall that title leaving no trace that you ever had it.


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