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Thread: Picking out a USB Drive

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    Picking out a USB Drive

    I came to the a half conclusion if such a thing exists, after 3 days of reading and browsing Newegg and Amazon that these days people are having better luck getting USB Drives to do what they want them to do with less issues. I used & to gain more insight and information to help me make a decision what to look for when buying a Drive. I found a Western Digital WD Elements SE Portable 500 GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive on Amazon for $60.00 and from what I could find on it it was a good drive to buy. Well the moment I went to make the purchase it suddenly became unavailable... But it told me there was a newer model available so I purchased it and im hoping it will do what I want it to do. Western Digital WD Elements SE Portable 500 GB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive - WDBPCK5000ABK-NESN

    The Closest thing I can find to this on the USB Devices Compatibility List is "WD Elements SE Portable 500GB USB 3.0 2,5" (WDBPCK5000ABK-01)"
    Tested with NTFS File System and CFG v70. It works, and (out of the box) does not have the spin down problem at idle (like other WD)

    How big a difference can a "NESN" instead of a "01" really make?

    Im hoping they are very similar and it just works. I may sound computer illiterate but i actually consider myself quite computer savvy. I have found in the past with things like these Drives that some are almost the same parts just different cases and a few minor tweaks. I guess the real issue looks like if there is some kind of software installed on the drive or a Virtual Disc right?

    I want to install my Homebrew, rom-managers & roms on the drive. Just cant fit all my roms on an sd-card
    I want all my backups on the drive.
    and I want my porn on the drive and accessible at all times! (j/k)

    What am I missing? Did I just take a shot in the dark and what are the chances I will be able to get this working with out a hitch?

    Im very grateful for this community and all the communities like it, Thank you all very much!

    Peace, Hope & Harmony - Groweed

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    There won't be any difference, you're just freaking out and thinking too much. If you really want to confirm, then ask Western Digital themselves.

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