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Thread: Home button problem while playing backup.

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    Home button problem while playing backup.

    I followed the Softmod Any Wii guide for 4.3U and it works like a charm. I play my backups through a pendrive formatted in FAT32 format with the backups in WBFS format.

    The issue:

    Once I'm done with a game and I'm on the title screen of the game, if I try to go to the wii home menu via the home button, the following happens.

    1) Dispaly on TV goes blank and TV displays no signal.
    2) Wii is still on.
    3) Pressing the wiimote buttons makes the lights on the wiimote flash but have no effect on the console. (Can't even switch it off)

    This happened in both USB Loader GX and configurable USB loader. Neogamma does not read my FAT32 formatted pendrive.

    The only solution appears to be to switch off and on the power supply to the console. I'm guessing this is not good for the Wii. Kindly advise.

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    Set your priiloader settings to return to system menu.


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