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Thread: USB PINK/GREEN/BLACK Screen help

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    USB PINK/GREEN/BLACK Screen help

    So I recently purchased a wii, black. I've softmodded it using bannerbomb method for 4.3u wii. Now I'm having trouble getting things to load via usb. I use usb loader gx 3.0 and the majority of the games I try to load simply will not. Some games load without any config settings being changed but most of them just go to a pink/green/black screen. I've changed the settings to force NTSC and whatnot but nothing works. I followed the softmod process to the t as well all while using a 2gb SD, not sdhc, card. I installed d2x v8 wads in addition to updating all necessary IOS. I can post a system check if needed, I just need to figure out which app does it again. Please help.

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    Try configruable usb loader mod instead, and see what happens. For out of region games, you'll need to adjust settings per game, but simple to do.

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    I'm quite familar with changing the region settings, to force ntsc, pal, etc. like I mentioned above, but it seems like almost half of the games do not work. There are some traditional titles like super mario galaxy and super smash bros brawl that load without any problem but most of the games I have tried do not load. I've softmodded using a SD, not SDHC, card and I've installed the d2x v8 wads especially for this reason but I cannot figure it out. Should I post a sys check?

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    Try changing the language to disc default, display to console default. Or just get an in region game.
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