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Thread: Secondhand wii and preventing children destroying games

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    Secondhand wii and preventing children destroying games

    Hi. A few very newbie questions here.

    I'm looking at buying a Wii secondhand. So it's safe to assume it'd be minimum a few months old.

    Is there a way I can tell if it will play backed up discs? Was there something about gamecube plugs?

    My kids have the questionable talent of destroying CDs by looking at them and I assume this trend would continue to Wii games . I'd really prefer games to last more than a couple of uses, so figure that backing up the discs I buy is the best way to go.

    For simplicity, I'd prefer to hardmod it so I could just use cheaper discs - backing up the file to a hard drive seems difficult and a hard drive is double the price of a chip. But I read that some of the newer ones will only load from hard drive anyway?

    • Is it better to softmod?
    • If I don't know what I'm doing, can I just follow the guide on this site (or ModMii - I read it was pretty much automatic?) and that'll that be okay?
    • How do I back up a game we own to a file?

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    The best way to even try to determine if you're Wii will play backed up discs is via the serial number. Is this a hypothetical secondhand Wii or do you know someone who has it; can you get the serial number? There are a few sites where you can put in the console's serial and get a *probable* list of the drive used, and then you can cross-reference that and determine if that drive can play backups. It has to be an OLD Wii. If it doesn't have Gamecube controller ports, or is a color other than white it definitely will not play backups. The problem is, I can't remember where the link to that page is....

    With all that said, burning backup discs (in my opinion) is not the way to go. The Wii loads backups at half speed, and you're still limited to swapping, storing, reburning, etc. The best option if you're GOING to mod your Wii, especially with children, is to softmod it and use a USB hard drive. As long as you follow the guide's on this site, it's stable and highly flexible. My Wii loads right into CFG loader and gives my kids instant access to every game we own, instantly. I have never had an issue with any game since I remodded my Wii following the Softmode Any Wii guide on this site, and formatted my hard drive to FAT32. I even own a lot of the *problem* games, such as Metroid Trilogy, The Last Story, Metroid: Other M, COD:MW3, and COD:BO and have never had any problems.

    Post in the Introduce Yourself forum, browse the site, ask questions, and determine which is the best way for you to proceed. I certainly am all for softmodding, but that may not be the best choice for you.

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    If you can't find the right thread to identify backup-disc-compatible by (the console's) Serial Number, take these:
    --Wii of 2009 or before, it's 80% chance capable to read backups.
    --Wii of 2010, it's 50%.
    --Wii of2011 and after, 0% !
    After all, the exact assurance is to open the case and look into the DVD-drive inside the console.

    Hardmod is not a good alternative for your kids, as you've described how active, powerful and curious they are. Must do a softmod, so that you can set Block-Update to prevent potential bricking; and cycling the LOADER in which the kids has less chance to get into Wii-SETUP mode where they could give you tons of headache. SOFTMOD it -- fair enough ?
    By the way, with softmod, you can INSTALL the game from the retail disc into usb hard disk. this's what you really want, aren't you? please be noted that you could not read Wii retail disc on PC ( you knew this already ?).
    Oop, you said " own a (game) file" ? ---- is it legal against copy right ?

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    Read my newbies guide in my signature. You want to USB load. I'm in much the same scenario.


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