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Thread: Some questions on how the Wii operating system works

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    Some questions on how the Wii operating system works

    As far as i've read, IOS's under 100 should not be uninstalled or overwritten.

    So does that mean when i find i need say IOS33 for a game that means i am getting a customized IOS33 and installing it on a slot somewhere in 200+?

    Does a game only use one IOS or can it use more than one?

    When i start a game how does it know which IOS to use, i mean if we have installed it to a 200+ slot how does the game know where the IOS it needs is stored?

    If i need IOS33 (for example) for a game does this mean the current slot for IOS33 is empty or does it contain something?

    Sorry if any of these questions don't make sense, i maybe need to read more to understand how it works so any good links to explanations would be great.

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    Take a look at the first link below in my sig. It will explain a lot. If you still have questions after reading that, post back and we will try to help further.

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    There's also this link HERE that explains a lot about cIOSes.

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    Very good question, very intellegent thinking, very much for you to read, too . lol


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