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Thread: upgrade prevention

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    upgrade prevention

    Hi, new to modding Wii, but not new to modding. I have installed d2pro9 chip
    and also downgraded to 3.2 using homebrew channel with twilight hack. I installed everything including starfall except gamma. Wanting to know what precaution I can take to prevent big N from auto updating my firmware.
    I use wiu on every game I burn, But I have wiifit with Orig disc, will it give me problems, or all my bases covered here? thanks

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    please use some common sense

    the "auto update" was added in the latest, we dont know how this will be done if it will be done.....

    but Starfall blocks updates from games
    just dont use connect24 if youre really afrade, and youll be fine

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    Starfall has worked perfectly for now

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    Quote Originally Posted by dabezt1 View Post
    Starfall has worked perfectly for now

    I do believe i have starfall installed correctly, Is there a way to check to verify
    as I only have the homebrew channel shown on main screen.

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    put in a game with 3.3+ if it lets you play without a update its working


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