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Thread: November 6, 2012 Update Help?

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    Question November 6, 2012 Update Help?

    As you all can see, I'm fairly new to this site so I apologize if it's such a dumb question. I did try to search and could not find an answer to my question so here I am. After reading some posts, I'm beginning to think if softmodding my Wii with the help of youtube was a mistake. Anyhow, I successfully softmodded my Wii some time ago using Letterbomb and watching a very detailed youtube video (3 very detailed videos actually). But recently there's been a Nintendo update as of November 6, 2012. Also, since then my Netflix Channel started acting up. So I went ahead and deleted the Netflix channel completely thinking I could just reinstall it and problem solved. To my surprise, when I went to the Wii Shop Channel, it said that I have to update my Wii in order to use the Wii Shop Channel. Of course, I did not update my Wii because I knew that there's a chance that the update could brick my Wii. So, my question is, is there a way to update the Wii Shop Channel without having to update the Wii system itself? I really just wanna get the Netflix Channel back on there, so maybe there's a way to get it a different way maybe, like installing a wad or something like that?? Any help is appreciated. I've been all over the internet in trying to get that damn Netflix Channel on there, my wife is really pissed at me. Again any help is greatly appreciated.


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    install the Wii-SHOP-Channel_v21.wad !
    search and visit Guide: Softmod Any Guide for detail process.

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    Many thanks billy, been trying for weeks to get the Wii Shop Channel going and now it's working. Can't thank you enough man, very much appreciated.


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