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Thread: 2 problems

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    2 problems

    Hi ive got 2 small problems first one is I've done the modding stuff to wii and all went well ive blocked updates but when i go to shop channel it says something about update it to use it .Is that safe to do ?
    The second problem is iam trying to use a 2.5 hard drive with caddy case ive formated it with wii backup man i can transfer the backups but when i plug it into wiiit says no hd found . the hard drive cable what comes with it has 2 ends on one side and one on the other the shop said the two ends is for that bit extra power but looks like wii dosent any ideas

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    after on-line update, you're fired !
    visit Guide: Softmod Any Wii for a release. install SHOP-Channel_v21.wad, manually.

    connect the Dual-end to the Wii. Note the postions of the data cable and the power cable.
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    thanks billyhome ive installed shop channel now thats ok now the wii seems to not like that cable me backups dont run it seems to turn harddrive off

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    everything will work if you plug in everything right in the right postion with the right cable.


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