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Thread: delete files on fat32

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    delete files on fat32


    Everytime i put an new app in /apps on my USB i cant delete them after?

    I am admin at my windows but i cant change anything just on the USB.

    My usb is formated with two sections, WBFS + FAT32

    Any suggestions plz?

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    apps are saved in the FAT32 partition.
    games in wbfs.
    may be you can convert your whole HDD into FAT32, to ease your works. (wbfs2fat)

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    Hm, I dont see the point to follow the guide and then cant delete a file on the fat32 partition. The other wbfspartition works perfect in wbfsmanager.

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    What sort of error are you getting when you try to delete the files?

    What version of Windows are you running? Being an "administrator" on your computer doesn't really matter all that much, play around with the Sharing/Security settings, make sure you're set as the OWNER for those files and that you have all of the appropriate permissions (usually, Full Control for a home computer). The best way to do that is to apply those settings on the partition itself, and then propagate those settings (Click the check box that says "Replace child permissions with inheritable permissions...." or something to that effect.

    What happens if you try to rename a file? Same error? Is there possibly a process, like a Removable Drive virus scan that's using those files? There's always FTPii. Install that in HBC, connect to the Wii via the FTP client of choice, and see if you can delete the files that way.


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