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Thread: Creating a wireless network with dialup

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    Creating a wireless network with dialup

    Just joined here after reading EOC's how-to on homebrew etc. I cannot believe how helpful everyone has been and the vast knowledge that is on this site.

    I am in the country on dialup and when it came to downgrading to 3.2U, I found I needed my Wii to have an internet connection. I have tried many times before to create a dialup network without much success but yesterday "Not possible" was not an option.

    In appreciation of the admins, mods and EOC, I would like to help out any members with a quick how-to on creating a dialup wireless network.

    I own a Linksys WRT54G and I'm using it to share a dial-up connection. Linksys support will tell you that this cannot be done, but I was able to figure out how to do it using strategies offered from several other sites.

    1. Setup up Internet Connect Sharing (ISC) on your host PC (the one with the modem). There's a link to a wizard for doing this if you don't know how. If you already have your router connected to your host PC, you may get a report that you have conflicting IP numbers on your network. This is because ICS wants to use as the host IP number and that is the default IP number for some routers. If this happens, just set the host PC's IP number to something else ( or or whatever) -- this is only temporary.

    2. You won't be able use the Linksys setup wizard . If you haven't already done so, simply connect your router to your host PC via a network cable (don't connect it to the modem port). Go to your internet browser of choice and type in "" This gets you directly in the router configuration.

    You will now need to configure your SSID, security (if you want any), via the Linksys config menus. Don't forget to save each screen before moving on to another screen. The only screens you really need to change are the one with the SSID, security, and the LAN IP screen. Once you have everything setup on the router the way you want it, you need to go to the LAN IP screen in the Linksys config. Turn off DHCP (uncheck the box), and change the router's IP number to something other than, but keep it on the same subnet. Meaning, just change the last segment to something other than .1 (.100, .2, .255, etc.). Make sure you have everything setup how you want it, noting all security keys/passphrases, SSID, etc., before you click that save button on the LAN IP screen. You will not be able to access the router config to change anything after this. Of course you can just reset the router back to its defaults and then reconfigure everything, making the required changes, but it's not just a matter of simply going back into the config utility and tweaking it. This process basically renders the Linksys to being just a wired hub/wireless access point -- it ceases to act as a router. You will probably get errors in the browser window after saving the LAN IP screen -- it's okay -- it's just that since you changed the default IP number for the router, it no longer knows where to go to get you back to the router config screens. Just close your browser window.

    3. You will need to manually set the IP number on the host PC to with a subnet mask of Just leave everything else how it is (don't worry about DNS, etc., because you'll pick that up when dialed out to your ISP). You have to manually set this IP number. If you don't, it may still work, but you can also end up with Wi-Fi connection and ICS related issues.

    You should now be able to access the internet via your host PC's dialup connection.

    I hope this how-to will help some members here. If nothing else it is nice to have a wireless network of any kind even if dialup is your only option. I know my kids are enjoying their iTouch's even more so now and I finally can use my laptop anywhere in the house. I should mention that the downgrading of my wii took about 2 hours over dialup but at least it worked.

    If anyone needs help with this, I will be more than happy to answer their questions.
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