So my softmodded wii is bricked. I can not find my nand backup. It is an early model wii (if that matters). I can get into bootmii which is installed on boot2. My main concern is getting my saves off of the wii. So i booted into bootmii and made a nand backup. The problem is that I can't extract this backup with anything. I tried ShowMiiWads and nandextract. They both get partway through and then there is an error and it crashes. I feel like the nand is probably corrupted. Is there another nand extraction program I can try? Is there a way to have ShowMiiWads just skip the bad files and continue on. Can I fix this in a hex editor or something?

If none of those methods are doable is there a way for me to load a new system menu onto the wii without loosing my saves? There is a guide here for unbricking with boot2 if you don't have a nand backup but it is not working for me. My wii will basically ONLY boot into bootmii, it wont boot when I try to use cboot2 or anything like that.

So I guess basically I either need a way to unbrick my wii without loosing my saves or a way to extract this corrupt nand? I am sure the saves are in there and the odds that the saves are corrupt is slim. I just need a program that will continue the extraction after it hits the corrupt section. Any ideas?