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Thread: Animal Crossing: City Folk Hackers Needed!

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    Unhappy Animal Crossing: City Folk Hackers Needed!

    AGGHH I hate myself. I thought I could import the actual town and items from ACWW so I deleted my old town to find out I couldn't import that direct town just the freaking character. I did this about 20 minutes ago and am looking for some relief. The reason I wanted to use the ACWW town is because I did some cool stuff with my Action Replay. I don't have any wii hacking devices but if you do please help me, I don't even want to touch this game anymore. I really want some help to this so this is what I ask:

    If you have hacked AC:CF for lots of bells could you hack some for me? Please!? You can see I'm desperate and I am. I just want some cash to jumpstart my new town. I'll go play until that idiot nook releases me and I can get my friend code and come back here then.

    Any Help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Sorry for the double post.


    Come on thats how I found this place a few days ago.

    I got a FC now.

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    we use to do this, till it became too problematic now were not gonna help anyone whom wont help themself, there is a guide how to do it yourself -,_-, if you dont want to do that, hope someone wants to help you

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    Yeah I've read plenty of guides of that. I'll try to look at the positive side... Oh well. -Unless I shall propose a trade that I doubt anyone will accept. If you need some stuff in ACWW I'll give it to you in return for stuff in ACCF. If you accept I beg you bring no DLC items.

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    I hack AC:CF so I can help you out so just let me know if you still need the help.

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    If you just need infinite bells that's not that hard, i could probably do it for you if i have the time. no guarantee. ask the person on top first.

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    admiral victorinox,

    what guides are you referring to?

    I don't mind learning myself, so do you mind listing the guides here...

    If they are already on this site, then I do apologize... but there are a lot of forums, and it would just save time if you can send me a link to either the forum post or the guides...

    thanks in advance!

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    1st off this thread is about 7 months old, 2ndly Admiral is retired, 3rd use the search feature for whatever your looking for go to the tutorial section, and if its by admiral, then heres a tip search IDIOT PROOF because he puts that alot

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