originally it was a full brick where it wouldn't display video. I was just going to use boot mii to make another nanback up for this guide.>>> Play VC/wiiware via iso forwarders <<<

anyways i had forgotten i needed to put the bootmii folder back on to the sd from when i made the original nand/key back up. So i couldn't remember this atm and went to wii brew and got the hackmii installer file. I loaded in to priiloader (which i can still access even now) and installed the boot.elf and miniboot.elf files in a hope to run the hackmii installer to reinstall bootmii. I was trying to reinstall because when i went to homebrew channel it would't load bootmii after hitt (home) and selecting to load bootmii.

So after this i had no system menu and it wouldn't out put video to the tv. So I do have the original Bootmii files w/ the key/nand files i made.

I tried to use these guides with no luck:

preloader/priiloader brick fix - the problem i ran into here was the nus was giving errors after downloading the first few files for ios60-64-v6174. So i tried to put on sd card and the usb load and it still won't find them and install. They are placed in the root of the sd as sd:/ios-60-64-v6174.wad and ios70-64-v6687.wad as well as in sd:/wad/. I did this on the sd card and usb device and it still fails to find them. so since i cant dl from nus or load from sd/usb i looked for another guide.

I used this guide next:

OH SH*T: Black Screen of WII!!! - I tried to do step one loading the bootmii files that i first backed up and put them on the sd card. i can load bootmii and try to load the nand/keys to do a restore and i see the part where it wants me to enter the KONAMI code. well i have a new wii and no gc ports or a gc controller for that matter so i can't do anything here to restore my nand.

So this is where i'm at stuck completely.

To recap:

-I CAN load Priiloader:

-I DO have my original keys/nand and bootmii folder.

Currently I was able to get it to load straight into homebrew channel if i don't hold reset to load the priiloader.

What do i do now?

thankls for any help