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Thread: Article: Nintendo Launching $99 Wii Mini ... in Canada

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    Article: Nintendo Launching $99 Wii Mini ... in Canada

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    cool... wish i could get that here in my country...

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    Wii Mini? Tsk. Should've called it the Wee Wii.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nowayout View Post
    Wii Mini? Tsk. Should've called it the Wee Wii.
    Zing! Good one

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    Ca The first thing I am going to mod for this is a NIC & install linux...

    Quote Originally Posted by youngGstring View Post
    Zing! Good one
    I pre ordered one... cheap enough to tinker and not worry about bricking.

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    I believe it does not have an SD card slot though. Possible Nintendo did this on purpose to try and prevent hacking? I mean how much money/space could a card reader possibly cost them?

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    Nintendo have made the complete unhackable console, with no sd port, no internet access, no usb ports and a DVD drive that cannot read burned discs (obviously).

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