first off I plan to use neogamma to play gamecube and wii iso through USB, is that possible without any problems?

Also I had a gamecube game that was .gcm instead of iso but I heard all you have to do to fix that is change it to .iso will that work fine?

Finally. I backedup a few of my Wii games and notice the format is wbsf instead of iso.. will neogamma run that or would I hav eto convert it to iso (and even if i dont have to convert it to iso is iso the recommended/better option?)

Lastly my usb drive is FAT32... two of my wii backups *(which are wbsf) are over 4gigs... which would make it impossible to put on my FAT32 drive because of the 4gig file size limit.. is there a program I can use thatll split the file into smaller chunks (and neogamm will still load the iso/wbsf normally) so that I can put them on a FAT32 usb drive?