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Thread: Super mario Galaxy Game freeze , anyone know fix??

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    Super mario Galaxy Game freeze , anyone know fix??

    i have a black wii supermariobros bunndle and softmoded to 4.3u with leter bomb i use cfg usb loader or usb loader to play and my supermario galaxy backup freezes of the game in the scene mario arrives at peaches castle?!!!!!!!!!!!!
    anyone can help?? Thank you

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    don't you have a retail disc of superMario Galaxy ?
    if not, backup freezes is not a surprise....... you got an evil ISO !

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    yes i have the retail disc but i wanted to play it from the backup.
    is there a specific iso i should use??

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    You should not have this issue from USB, suggests slow read speeds. Try another USB cable, re rip the game, etc, etc. This is common problem with backup disc, but USB should not give trouble. Try another ios to load the game. If that fails download a save game just past the castle. You should be able to find one, if not I can give you one.

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