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Thread: Used the SoftMod guide now takes 45sec to boot

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    Used the SoftMod guide now takes 45sec to boot

    I just used the SoftMod guide to Mod my Wii to use CFG USB Loader. I have CFG loaded on my 1tb USB Hard Drive. I also setup PriiLoader to automatically autoboot to CFG and it works mostly. If the Wii has been off for a while (Red Light) and I turn it on, the Wii turns on but I get the No Signal screen on my TV. Now before I realized I had to wait around 45 seconds I was able to get it to boot by removing the SD card and powering it on, put the SD card back in and all was good. Also if I power it on (after a long period of time) and wait the 45 seconds, then when it comes on, power it off and then right back on it comes right up.

    So the problem just seems to be after it is off for a while.

    I tried disabling all the "hacks" I enabled in PriiLoader and set the autoboot back to the system help. I thought maybe it had something to do with the USB drive not powering up fast enough but by setting priiloader back to system Menu I would think that would not be it.

    Edit: Just tried powering up without the USB drive plugged help.

    Also here is my Syscheck if that helps


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