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Thread: Anyone with the same issue?

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    Anyone with the same issue?

    Hey guys, I've been having tons of problems with USB Loader GX and Games that require differente cIOS (such as Kirby Returns to Dreamland and CoD MW3).

    Previously, I installed USB Loader GX 2.2 on top of 2.1

    Kirby won't even get to the freezing part anymore and MW3 doesn't run, every other game works fine though. How can I run such games without harming my console?

    Should I format my external drive? Or maybe install another usb loader (leave a download link if you could)?

    Oh! Before I forget, I also forgot to mention I installed Hermes' cIOS 224 and cIOS 248 from another installer.

    Help is very much appreciated . I apologize if this discussion is at the wrong place, I'm new here :S

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    Are u changing the game settings to use the required cios?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pob3008 View Post
    Are u changing the game settings to use the required cios?
    Absolutely, I actually solved the problem yesterday... I started using CFG Usb Loader


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