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Thread: Homebrew on a 3DS?

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    Question Homebrew on a 3DS?

    I'm seeing conflicting information on the internet regarding the 3DS. Some people say it's not hackable, others say there are flashcarts for it. Does this mean we can't play 3DS ROMs on a 3DS flashcart but CAN play homebrew on the 3DS? I have no desire for a flash cart to play 3DS games... the 3DS does that great with official 3DS games from Nintendo. My son wants to play NES and Genesis games on his 3DS and I'm trying to figure out what to buy to make this possible for him.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you guys can give me.

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    no you can not play 3ds roms on any flashcart. yes they make flashcarts that work in the 3ds, but only good for ds, nes, gba roms.

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    Perfect, that's exactly what I need. The R4i Gold should be able to do that, yes? (I think that was the name of it - Im away from my laptop and can't see the one I found)

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    I know the r4i 3ds does nes roms, never tried the gba roms. the dstwo will do it definately as that is what I use to play nes/gba roms. I had gotten a r4i for the oldest granddaughter, but didn't check if it would play gba roms or not seeing as she was not interested in that, but it played nes ones just fine


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