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Thread: How to Virginize Wii without Homebrew channel?

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    Angry How to Virginize Wii without Homebrew channel?

    I was trying to fix the problem with my wii and decided the best thing would be to restart the whole thing, so I went to the menu and did restore default settings. It got rid of all channels and everything but it is still modded to an extent because the home screen background is still custom. I tried to update the system so I can use letterbomb and since the system is only v4.1U I tried to update the wii but I'm getting error message 32004, and from what I can research that means the system won't allow any updates because it knows the system is hacked.

    I would like to do the twilight princess hack since I have the disk, but from what I can find, it's so back and forth weather the hack works for system 4.1U, and I can't even find any downloads for the hack, the only ones I find are 3 years old so I'm assuming they're too old to work for system 4.1U.

    If someone can either

    • A: Tell me how to virginize my console without the homebrew channel
    • B(a): Tell me how to do the twilight hack
    • B(b): Link me to a download that will work

    I would really appreciate some help because this is starting to get rather frustrating at this point

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    You should be able to just follow this guide to re-hack your wii

    Best place on the net for all your wii needs

    Useful Links,
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    If you want to reinstall the original white wii menu download My MenuifyMod and select reinstall original menu app (DON'T FORGET THAT THIS REMOVES PRIILOADER)!!
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    Thanks a million times sir, I was able to re install Homebrew with this method Greatly appreciated!


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