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Thread: WBFS Manager/Mountain Lion/Windows in Parallels

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    WBFS Manager/Mountain Lion/Windows in Parallels


    My sincerest apologies if this is the wrong place for the questions but I have been searching and surprisingly haven't found anything relevant.

    I've used WBFS Manager on a Mac before.
    Since upgrading to Mountain Lion, it doesn't work on Mac.
    A google search told me to run sudo "/Applications/WBFS for MacOS for MacOS X",
    however, i got a command not found error.
    it seems to work for others.

    i had the idea of running WBFS in windows on a virtual machine through parallels.
    it runs, but doesn't see the virtual shared hard drive for the games, just A, C and D in the virtual machine.




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    I'm the same - at a loss what to do now. cannot swap iso's any more

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    This seems to be a long running issue and finally cracked it for myself. Works on Mountain Lion.

    sudo /Applications/WBFS_MacOS\\ for\ MacOS\ X

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    sorry i dont understand how you now have this working please explain

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    The command I posted uses forward slashes as a delimiter to avoid issues with spaces. It is subtly different from the one you posted. Try it anyway.


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