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Thread: USB Loader GX and WiiFlow Problems

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    USB Loader GX and WiiFlow Problems

    Wii 4.3E, used Bathaxx. Installed d2x v9 CiOS 249/50.

    Ok, I soft modded a Wii for the neighbour, they are very computer illiterate so I'm trying to keep loaders as simple as possible for them.

    I thought, Wiiflow is the most simple straight forward loader so I installed that as a forwarder but the problem I'm having is when I click to play a game, I get a black screen. It worked once before from a USB.

    USB Loader GX freezes on 'Initializing USB Device', but works if I unplug it and wait till it says to plug the USB in.

    Once I plug it in everything works fine, but I can't be having to keep unplugging and plugging the HDD in.

    I'm copying the games to my computer now and going to format the external hard drive then retry.

    So, recap.

    Wiiflow - Black screen on all games.

    USB Loader GX - Freezes on initializing USB device.

    Any help?
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    If you are getting black screen on your games, try to FORCE WII in the settings > video mode

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