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Thread: I am a NDS Noob

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    I am a NDS Noob

    I am planing on buying EZ Flash iV

    for my NDS lite, This nds is for my 3yr old son. My experience so far with n!nt3nd0 so far, I have only done the letter bomb on the white W!! (USA/NA). Anyway i need to run just GBA from slot 2 on a NDS lite without R4 or any slot 1 prosses. I watched a youtube of the r4 play and he dosent need all that. I will just buy hard copies of NDS games, i just want all my GBA backups to play from 1 card. Is ez Flash 4 the way to go or is something else better for easy play?

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    I suggest you buy supercard dstwo, Supercard DSTwo Best flashcard for DS DSi 3DS dstwo can play gba games without a slot-2 cart. And it also has nearly 100% DS game compatibility.
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.

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    I use a ds2 card and its been great with ds and gba games

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