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Thread: Wario smoot moves PAL problem

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    Wario smoot moves PAL problem

    Hi this is my first post I've got a copy of Wario smooth moves the only problem is that it is in Pal region and my Wii is NTSC-U. Now i got other backups that work just dandy for example Super Mario Galaxy, Resident Evil 4, Wii Sports, blah blah blah but all of them are in NTSC the same as my wii. Note this is my first PAL game so I'm having lots of trouble with it. I softmodded my wii using EmperorofCanada's guide, i did everything exactly as he explained in his guide, and so far everything is good except like I previously stated on this PAL game. This is my first PAL game and I've looked for copies of it on NTSC and i can't find any.I'm going to explain what happens when i try to launch the game while forcing NTSC and when I try to launch without forcing NTSC. When i launch the game without forcing NTSC the game boots normally but it is in black& white and the screens moves up & down. When i try to boot using the option of gamma launcher force NTSC all i get is a green screen and my Wiimote turns off, then I got to manually turn off the wii because it gets stuck in that green screen. I always burn my DVD's at 4x and all of them work fine. I have no mod-chip installed and like i previously stated all i did to softmod my wii was to follow EmperorofCanada's guide. I tried looking for answers in others thread but in one thread they said to burn it a 4x , which i did so if anyone could help me i'll gladly appreciate it. I dont know if i matters or not but I installed all of the hacks of Starfall. when softmodding my Wii,

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    Sorry but i need help°°


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