Hey what's up? I recently soft modded my wii for the kids a few days ago using the soft mod any wii guide. Haven't had any issues so far. I've started backing up the cd's onto the HDD and testing them. I haven't run into any problems yet until now. Anyway here's what's going on.

I backed up Wii Sports and went to test it and the controller disconnects while the game is loading on the warning screen. I click a few buttons and it doesn't re sync. I try to reset the sync and do it again with no luck. I have no other problems with any other games so far with the controllers not re syncing after loading the game from the HDD. Thanks for any help. BTW The wii sports disc was pretty scratched up and took a little longer to backup than what it should have for being a small game. But it did finish backing up. Thanks for any help.