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Thread: Oddly bricked, soft mod works fine, system files corrupted

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    Oddly bricked, soft mod works fine, system files corrupted

    EDIT: Pretty sure it's a mail brick, since I can still access maintenance mode. Don't see much about this, other than the fact that it's unusual. Any suggestions?

    Hi, so I'm about at my wit's end here. This is a modded Wii my brother had in his college dorm room that a lot of his roommates used, and one day he called me saying there was a 'system files corrupted' error. So I'm not sure what could have caused this. The 'system files corrupted' screens shows up right after the health and safety warning screen. Press A, and then the error screen shows up. It's a 4.3 Wii and initially installed HBC through Letterbomb.

    Essentially, after following every single guide, I have HBC, Priiloader, Bootmii, everything working fine. I can still get in maintenance mode fine. I did everything, even downgraded the System Menu to 4.1 so I could use Bannerbomb instead of Letterbomb to install HBC again(Internet and naturally the Message Board are unavailable in maintenance mode).

    I would really like to be able to access the System Menu screen, but I've tried everything at this point to fix it without formatting it completely using the NAND Formatter. I would like to avoid that if possible, since it honestly looks like Greek to me and the 'system files corrupted error' is the only problem. Does anyone have any recommendations on what could be the problem or if formatting it is my only option? Thanks in advance, I'm sorry for the long story.
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    Download this

    Follow the instructions in the readme. Use ios236 for fstoolbox.
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