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Thread: Trauma Center: Second Opinion

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    Trauma Center: Second Opinion

    I've read a few reviews and see that they're aren't too great but has anyone here played Trauma Center or know anything about it?

    I thought this game would be a blast considering I enjoyed the Nintendo DS version but I'm still not sure because the reviews are only average.

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    I was talking to a guy at gamestop and he had a lot to say about it. He says it is so much fun, and diffucult trying to keep the person alive.

    I hate ER shows so I would never be able to play it. Sure has an interesting concept though.

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    I remember I played a flash game similar to Trauma Center before. That's why I was so wtf'ed feeling when I saw gameplay videos. The game looks decent but unless I play the game myself it'd hard for me to recommend it.

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    I have watched a "video review" of the game and it looks interesting but, a little bland. I can see how one could get hooked on it as it seems quite simple yet there are a variety of tasks to keep up with. That said I think I would keep trying to make my patient die lol


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