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Thread: Softmod and skylanders

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    Softmod and skylanders

    Hi all,

    Im a novice when it comes to the hacking side, i've soft-modded my Wii via the tutorial on this site a few months ago and has worked great since. I'm Purchasing skylanders for my son for Christmas and have read on this site that it may need some tinkering to get it to work. .

    Could anyone shed some light on what i may need to do to get it working, and is it something i can do before Christmas so he can play without the worry of me having to mess with it beforehand?


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    I think the only problem you would get would be the portal, when you load the game from USB. Search the forums for appropriate answers (you'll get many, I'm sure).

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    i have the same problem portal will not sync with usb loader?


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