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Thread: USB GeckoU Confirmed for WiiU

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    USB GeckoU Confirmed for WiiU

    Confirmed by Gecko developer Nuke, aka Ian. It was officially rumored and now confirmed. The gecko is going to adapt to the SD slot to your PC

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    A 3 second vid isn't much to go on, but if it's true, then I for one, will be very interested to see how this pans out.

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    I like how the device in the video is a Gamecube memory card and not a SD card, like how the Gecko for Wii-U would have to be.

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    I just followed a link to this thread by the guy who proved it was fake. He even explains why it is fake and gives proof:

    Will wiird be developing homebrew and homebrew applications for Wii-U?

    lol at the girly pink color of the memory card xD

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    "I think if Nuke made one already it wouldn't be posted and leaked. As of the issues the original gecko caused with the wii. Also alot of patching will be done for awhile.


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