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Thread: Can you use an r4 card for nds in 3ds

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    Can you use an r4 card for nds in 3ds

    Hi i have had an r4-sdhc card for my kids ds lite for years but thinking about getting them a 3ds at Christmas ive heard you cant play 3ds games on them but can i just update the software for 3ds or do i have to buy a new card. Any help appreciated.

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    No card as yet can play 3DS games..I have a 3DS and my R4 card dosent work in it at all..However i purchased a....super card DSTWO..It plays NDS roms in the 3DS fine

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    If your r4i sdhc card is a 3ds compatibility card, you can use it on your 3ds. here is the r4i sdhc 3ds card: R4i SDHC 3DS Flashcart For your DS DSi 3DS and yeah, all the flash carts will only play ds games on your 3DS.
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.


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