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Thread: softmod years ago, how to update to latest mods?

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    softmod years ago, how to update to latest mods?

    hi guys

    i softmodded years ago and was wondering which is the best way to update everything, uninstall and start again or is there a guide to update an old mod?

    have looked on FAQ and everything seems to point to start from new rather than update an old mod

    i have homebrew, and neogamma already installed just trying to get newer games to run

    a link to a tutorial would be great

    just let me know if more info required as brain is a bit old now and cant remember how to find all info required from wii.

    many thanks

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    You have to "re-do" the softmod, in other words start from new, don't delete anything, the softmod will overwrite anything it needs to, if you want to update just an specif app all you have to do is download and run the latest version.

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    thanks guys

    will re do all mods

    just wanted to check that there wasnt just an update to certain parts to save me doing everything again.

    many thanks


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