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Thread: Help neogamma r9 beta 51 wii channel?

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    Help neogamma r9 beta 51 wii channel?

    Hello I trying to get my neogamma r9 beta 51 to a wii channel so I dont have to open homebrew to load it from there. My kids use neogamma to load games and I dont want them going into homebrew for fear that they will click on something else in there and mess up something on the wii. I have tried to find out how to do this but I'm not having any luck. If someone can post a link to a step by step that would help me out a lot. Thanks for your time.

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    First, update your Neogamma version. The latest is r9 beta 56. For the channel, search for "forwarders" on the forum. You will find a thread by a user "Cile." Download the Neogamma wad and install with a WAD Manager of your choice.

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    Ok but if I update to beta 56 will I still be able to play mw3 and black ops I remember I had to change somethings to get it to work with the beta 51 neo. Can I just keep it as beta 51 and still make a channel for it or is that not something i can do?
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