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Thread: troubleshooting please help fast

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    troubleshooting please help fast

    Okay i have newest homebrew on 4.3u with ios 236 patch and d2x ioses installed. Running newesy cfg usb loader also have wiiflow. I have two games ones mario all stars other is smw2 in wbfs format in a folder on root of sdhc converted to fat32 called wbfs and inside that folder theres a folder called games inside there is my wbfs files. Wii flow loads them and downloaded covers but when i press play it freezes black and returns to home screen. Cfg does not see them. But cfg does install my games and plays them as where wiiflow does not. What am i missing. Please guys help out i messed around with the psp way back havin trouble with wii.

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    Try loading via USB. Also did you go through the soft mod any wii guide. From this site?

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    Put your wbfs files in the wbfs folder. You don't need a games folder in there.


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