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Thread: Just got a modded Wii and I want to add games through a torrent. HOW?

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    Just got a modded Wii and I want to add games through a torrent. HOW?

    Ok, I'm new to the site so bear with me. I tried looking for an answer on the forums but I couldn't find one. or maybe I did and I didn't understand it.

    Here's the thing. A friend of mine gave me his modded Wii that comes with a USB Homebrew channel and a 60GB external HD that comes with 20 games. Some of the games that came with I already had as a CD and I would like to remove them and add new ones.

    Another friend of mine directed me to a site where I could get the games through a torrent and I did. But they downloaded differently.
    The ones on my Wii's HD are on a wbfs format. They're a single file. The ones I got are several files that are rar format. Now, I'm not very computer savvy so I guess what I'd like to know is how to place all those files on my HD so I can play them. Or a way to convert them without formatting my HD.

    I have a vague idea as of how to do it but like I said, I'm no expert. So I'd like to see what an expert would do first, please!

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    Might want to reread this little page you agreed to. Especially the part about piracy.
    Could also be a clue as to why you didn't find info about it in these forums. Not a dead giveaway mind you, but certainly a very large clue.

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