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Thread: WIIMC recognize my HDD, loaders dont

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    Exclamation WIIMC recognize my HDD, loaders dont

    Let start from the beginning
    I have a black wii, bought few months ago, softmoded it and used to play with my cousin HDD untill i got mine. i bought the same model, a samsung S2 500gb because it was working perfectly.
    My HDD had some issues. sometimes wii didnt recognize it (but the HDD light, the one that show if its working, was on), sometimes my pc didnt recognize it.
    After a few months it stopped for real. i couldnt play with HDD anymore, but it started to work perfectly on pc, it always recognize it.
    Yesterday i installed the WiiMC, and it is recognizing my HDD, but when i try to start it with the loader, it says there isnt a HDD connected.
    I'm using USB Loader GX (not sure the version, but its the newest). I tried the CFG USB Loader because i read somewhere in the internet, that with "that" specific and "right" configuration, would fix the problem. It didnt.
    I went back to the USB Loader GX.

    I already tried to use the HDD as FAT32, WBFS and NTFS.

    obs: I used pimpmywii to update the IOS.
    obs2: a step by step "guide" would be awesome, since i'm going back to my place and my sister is going to try to fix this for me with your help xP

    loader: USB Loader GX
    HDD: samsung S2 500gb
    HBC: version 1.1.0 running on IOS58
    WiiMC: newest version

    The Syscheck i used was the newest one, is that a problem?


    I sincerely hope that you guys can help me!

    thanks! :3
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    no answers? ):

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    Maybe if you had taken the time to read the forum section titles, you would see that you posted in the forum issues section. noone is going to look for ppl having wii issues here.
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