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Thread: Recently obtained a hacked Wii from a late brother-in-law, help for set up hacked Wii

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    Question Recently obtained a hacked Wii from a late brother-in-law, help for set up hacked Wii

    So I'd rather not get into details about hot he died but it happened a few months ago. We recently got the wii after ours broke. While we did know it was hacked, we thought it would work, but that's not the case.

    There is a large handful of things installed like Mario Kart Wii, DK Country Returns, a SNES Emulator (Snes 9x GX), an NES Emulator (FCE Ultra GX), and the basic stuff like the Homebrew Channel and Load Mii. Being someone who never dealt with this stuff but learn quickly with this subject I thought I would be able to figure it out but the problem is I'm not starting from square 1 but more from step 4.

    There are a couple of problems.

    1. The Homebrew channel doesn't load beyond the bubble screen. It has in the past loaded to tell me there is a update and to download it and when I did it said there was an error with the SD card. Now that I have a new SD card it simply stays on the bubbling screen. The lower right corner Wifi symbol blinks then goes solid on 3 bars. Nothing else happens. It no longer tells me of an update. I can pull up the menu but I don't know what Launch Bootmii annd simply makes my screen go black and the blue lights along the Disk slot blink on and off. The only way to get my Wii to work again is to unplug it from the back then plug it back in. According to what it says in the upper right corner of the menu screen on the Homebrew channel it's V24.32

    2. When I choose a game (In this Case Mario Kart Wii) this is the order of what I see on the screen

    cLoader v1.6 by Cluster/wiiNinja

    • Hold B to override default settings

    • Initializing WBFS...
    • Waiting for Device... (Here it counts down from 30)

    [+] ERROR: Could Not intialize SD/USB subsystem! (ret = -6)

    Press any button to restart...

    No matter what button I press (On my wii remote or a plugged in Gamecube controller) this screen remains and the only way to leave the screen is to press the restart button or unplug the Wii then plug it back in. What does this mean and how can I fix this? Also, this screen happens on both the old SD card and the new one I have.

    I want to say that I know what Emulator's are and I know What rom's are and I am generally quick to pick up this stuff but because I'm thrown into a prehacked Wii I just don't know where to start to get it fixed which is why I am so lost. If anyone can help me fix this that would be awesome. If I have to I will wipe it clean but you will have to walk me through step by step because I know how dangerous that can be with anything hacked because it can damage it permanently. So if anyone is willing to help it would be GREATLY appreciated

    Also here is a list of all Channels on the home screen.

    • Disk Channel
    • Netflix
    • Zelda: Majora's Mask
    • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    • Wii Shop Channel
    • Everybody Votes Channels
    • Sonic Riders ZG
    • Monopoly Streets
    • Photo Channel
    • Mii Channel
    • Hulu Plus
    • USBLoaderCFG
    • USB Loader GX
    • New Super Mario Bros Wii
    • The Homebrew Channel
    • Donkey Kong Country Returns
    • FCE Ultra GX
    • Snes9x GX
    • Mario Kart Wii
    • Forecast Channel
    • Backup Disk Channel (Can someone tell me what this is?)
    • News Channel
    • LoadMiiMIIBUSB Homebrew
    • USB Loader

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    well if im correct i'd say redo the soft mod by using SoftMod Any Wii Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misterlamed View Post
    well if im correct i'd say redo the soft mod by using SoftMod Any Wii Guide
    I eventually decided this was the best idea and after MUCH research I was able to wipe it clean of everything and reinstall homebrew


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