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Thread: problem with semi brick:(

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    problem with semi brick:(

    hello i am new here but i have been reading alot about this topic, because my wii got semi brick
    like every one that got semi brick i updated the console by PAL disc and then i got the semi brick
    but my biggest mistake was that i downloaded that fix instand the NTSC fix
    i even was at profesional store and they told me that my update is very high and they didnt know how do fix it
    but they was told me that maybe a new game with an update will fix it
    i downloaded the new COD and it isn't asked my for an update
    so what can i do?:'(

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    Call of Duty has 3.3

    try a game that came out this week, and try to update, they should have 3.4 -,_-, if it doesnt then you got to wait

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    ammmm you can give my at least one naame of a game with 3.4 for sure?
    and it sould fix all the problem of the semi brick??:O

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    i dont know one, people say animal crossing but i hear it doesnt

    but anything newer should like every game after ___ has 3.4 =\

    and it should fix most/all... might fix none, nothing is 100% till you do it =\

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    ok so i will try the Animal crossing and if it wont work i will download the last game that came out (i hope it will be good one at least )
    so thanks anway and i will write back when i try


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