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Thread: New update to shopping channel? Is it safe?

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    New update to shopping channel? Is it safe?

    Hey all! This is where I learned to hack my wii about a year ago and it's been running fine. I recently got a wireless router and hooked up my wii to the internet but I was prompted to update. I'm unable to use the Opera browser or access the shopping channel because Wii informs me I need to update it. Doesn't seem safe to me. I am on version 4.3u. I'm guess this update is a recent one? I duno. I never was connected to the internet with it until now. But I'm wondering if it's safe to update this without bricking my wii. I'd like to be able to tinker with my new wireless setup and be able to get on the shopping channel and browser. How can I safely update this? I read a few threads in here about updating the shopping channel but they are all pretty old threads. I couldn't find anything about this new release... or if it's really new at all. I've only just connected the wifi. lol So should I attempt an update somehow or.... leave well enough alone?

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    Never Ever Update from Nintendo. Updating the Shop Channel to v21 from Nintendo was tested by others not me and it did not brick the Wii but stub cIOS249 and cIOS250 and it is never safe to update from Nintendo. Here is the guides-tutorials-update-wii-shop-channel just choose the latest Version (v21) or update NUSDownloader Database to get the latest Shop Channel v21 wad and install with wad manager. I use Wii Mod to update the Shop Channel and it works perfect. YouTube is also available from the Shop Channel.

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    Download the Wii-Shop-Channel-v21.wad
    Install it with MMM.
    100% save.
    Never do it to Nintendo official update on-line!

    By the way, no rush to install IOS-62, unless you patch it.

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    Yeah... I figured it would be bad news. Well thanks for the replies. I'll update the shop channel. But then there's the internet issue. Wii tells me before I can use the browser, I need to update. Is there a manual update for that as well? I'll have to see if I can find something about that.

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    read Softmod Any Wii
    search " Wii Shop Channel v21"
    apply WAD MAnager and install the Wii-Shopping-Channel-v21 wad.

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    Been trying for weeks to get the Wii Shop Channel working again. Thanks to you all, I'm up and running again. Can't thank you enough, all of you.

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    After updating to the latest shopping channel (v21) via a wad and installing with a wad manager can I go to the shopping channel and d/l and install the YouTube channel? Or is it dangerous?
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    You can use the channel with no problems.
    You should have priiloader installed to block all updates.

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