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Thread: Netflix Issue

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    Netflix Issue

    Good evening all,
    I deleted netflix from the wii today by mistake. I am running ver 4.3u and now the wii shop channel wont let me download netflix app without doing first a system update. I'm afraid the update will brick my wii so I tried some suggestions such as intalling shopping channel v20 wad and ios56 v5662.
    it looks like the instalation finish with no errors but I still dont get the new wii shop channel and still asks me for system update. Can anyone help me?

    I also tried the netflix wad and usb loader gx image and it is no longer supported.

    Thank You!!!

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    You need to install Shop Channel v21, not v20.

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    Here is the guides-tutorials-update-wii-shop-channel just choose the latest Version (v21) or update NUSDownloader Database to get the latest Shop Channel v21 wad and install with wad manager. I use Wii Mod to update the shop channel. YouTube is also available from the Shop Channel.

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    Thank You Both for getting me up and running. I was able to install the channel and netflix back. The original problem I was having is that netflix would freeze the wii, sometimes it will work fine for hours and there are times where it just freezes and it makes this static noise. That was the reason why I though if I deleted it I might get a new version and it should fix the problem but Im still having the same issue. is anyone else having this problem? also I would like to know if there is a chache file folder for netflix that I should clean up periodically?

    Thank you again, You guys saved me!


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