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Thread: V4.3u ios58 want to install USB loader gx

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    V4.3u ios58 want to install USB loader gx

    Ok background info. I bought a wii off Craigslist, basically just to run Netflix on and when I got it home found out it was hacked. I know nothing about how the guy modded it, don't know if it's hard or soft modded or what hack he may have used. I do know that it is v4.3u and when I open homebrew it says ios58, it has priiloader (sp?) installed and configure USB loader. I have been lurking in forums and watch YouTube videos trying to figure out how to use this and I saw USB loader gx which looks like the perfect program for us, nice and easy for the kids to navigate and built in parental controls to keep my 4 yr old out of the nightmare inducing games like resident evil.

    But......... I have no idea what I need to do, with the stuff I already have installed can I just download USB loader gx to the SD card and load it up or do I have to update anything first? And is there anyway to determine how the machine was modded to begin with so I can figure out how to update without bricking the machine?
    Thann you soooo much for any help you can give me and your time and Patience dealing with a sleep deprived mother trying to figure all this out.

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    You tube is never a good idea.
    Please post a system check so we can see whats installed.Link->How To Post A System Check.
    By posting a system check it will let us see if anything needs to be updated.


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