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Thread: Wiiflow sees games but others don't.

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    Wiiflow sees games but others don't.

    I have used the softmod any wii tutorial here and it seemed to work ok.

    I am now having an issue with the Wii seeing my games.

    I have my WD Passport HDD formatted with 2GB FAT32 partition for the apps and a 480gb (approx.) NTFS partition. On the NTFS partition i have a folder WBFS and inside the folder i have the folders of my backed up games (eg. R6CEAF_We Cheer 2) and then inside here have the wbfs file (eg. R6CEAF.wbfs) - games were ripped from isos using WII Game manager to the HDD of my PC and then transferred to the USB HDD when the wii was modded.

    So i go into USB Loader GX (as this looks best to me) but it cannot see any of the games. It sees the HDD and sees that it has only used 50GBish of the memory in it but it sees no games. I can rip a game in USB Loader GX but when i attach the USB to my pc i can't find the game anywhere.

    In CFG Loader i get the same problem - but as well here i cannot rip a game to the hdd as write is disabled (I can't seem to find the settings file on any partition to set it to 1).

    When i go into wiiflow, the least configurable of the loaders i can now see all the games, and have loaded all the coverart etc. Games etc load perfectly from here and play perfectly.

    So 2 noob questions:

    1. How can i get the 2 main USB loaders to see my games?

    2. Where is the settings file for CFG loader?


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    1. download and apply the loaders either cfg_248, or cfg_249, same as Wiiflow,
    2. browse the readme.txt or search CFG configurationTutorial
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    thanks mate- turns out i just had it formatted wrong... as for the second point you gave me- reading that actually gaveme a hint as to how i had it formatted wrong as well as fixing the usb write issue.

    Thanks heaps.


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