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Thread: Trying to set up USB drive

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    Trying to set up USB drive

    I have a first generation Wii.
    It also has a Wiikey installed.

    My drive is very loud right now and having troubles reading certain discs so I heard I could run games off of a hard drive.

    Currently I have the latest 4.3 OS on the Wii.
    I have the latest Homebrew channel up and running.

    I was using the following guide to get everything set up being very careful to follow all the instructions: Removed Out side Link.
    Where things started to go bad:
    1. I downloaded (DOP-Mii and installed I0S36 as it instructed.
    2. I put the WBFS Manager on my USB drive
    3. I went back to the GSX site to download (USBLoaderGX_1.0_Installer.exe) and discovered that all the loaders are for IOS 249 or 250.
    4. I went back on Homebrew to install IOS 249 off of (DOP-Mii) but when I go to do so my Wii controller turns off.

    I believe the instructions I used are a few years old and I'm certain a lot has changed.
    Unfortunately I feel like I am half way into the install and don't know how to back out to do it correctly.

    Any help would be appreciated and I will try hard to give you all the information you need to make this successful.
    thank you for your consideration!

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    Go to the link at the bottom of my signature Soft Mod Any Wii Guide and follow it all the way through.
    Please read the Guide a few times , then proceed.

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    Thanks jax.

    What do I have to be careful with since I already have the IOS 36 installed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floydian View Post
    Thanks jax.

    What do I have to be careful with since I already have the IOS 36 installed?
    just follow the guide and you will be fine.

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    Thanks jax.
    Hard modding is quite a bit easier for me!
    There aren't as many checks you have to do... solder a wire here and a wire there.

    I appreciate the help and the incredible guide!

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    I am on the step to install the wads.
    I did the batch install and the screen is stuck after the second wad.
    It says WII MODV3.2 in blue at the top.

    Should I turn off the Wii and start over?

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    I restart the WII and went back to the guide and now it is sticking when I get to "retrieving file list".


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