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Thread: Hacked Wii Crashing

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    Hacked Wii Crashing

    Good Morning All,

    I have followed this current guide and downgraded from 4.3E to 4.1E system menu but i keep getting lockups randomly. Ie clicking Homebrew channel,bbc iplayer,neogammer even clicking on the wii settings menu (sometimes they work sometimes they don't). I followed the guide exactly so i have all the ios as described in the guide. I have read several posts about the issue likely to be ios related but im stuck as i have tried several of these posts with the ios but no joy. I have hacked about 5 Wii's in total for mates but this has got me stuck. Any help would be great, thanks guys.

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    Loading off usb or sd? do you have a syscheck for us to look at?

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    try disabling priiloader system menu hacks.
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    Looks like Priiloader may have been the cause, i will monitor. I haven't installed Priiloader onto any other Wii and uninstalled off this one and it appears to be working. Thanks very much for your help both.


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